Manual Driving lessons across Walthamstow and the surrounding areas with Fern Driving School

Driving Lessons Prices

Driving Lesson Prices

I've tried to keep my driving lesson prices simple and easy to understand. There are no hidden extras; you will find all the details below. Book driving lessons

Hourly Driving Lessons

Are flexible and can be taken at any time. Useful if you aren't sure when you'll be able to book your driving lessons. Also for refresher and motorway lessons

1 Hour£32.50£29.50£3
2 Hours£59£6£49£10

Intro/Taster Offer*

For partly trained pupils that are new to Fern Driving School.

2 Hour£32.501 FREE LESSON


Block Bookings*

Save money on the hourly driving lessons with pre paid block bookings! Useful if you know when you'll be able to take your lessons, you can book the dates in advance.

4 Hour Deal£105£25


Intensive Driving Courses*

A great way to reach test standard in a short period of time.

5 Hours£154Car hire on test
10 Hours£260Car hire on test
15 Hours£340Car hire on test
20 Hours£435Car hire on test
40 Hours£798Car hire on test


Pass Plus Course

Improve your driving skill level and lower your car insurance.

6 Hours£140

More info on Fern Driving School Pass Plus course


Intro Offer, Beginner Offer, 4 Hour Block Booking Deal: One offer only per pupil

Block Bookings, Intensive Courses: Full Fee must be paid in advance

Intensive Courses: Test must be taken at a local test centre

Working Hours

9am to 6pm9am to 4pmNot Available

Lesson Prices

My lesson price are based on average driving lesson prices in the area, which are generally worked out by adding up fuel, tax, insurance, driving instructor time and vehicle costs.

Always remember that paying for quality lessons saves money in the long term.

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